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Open Water Diver: This is an internationally recognized SCUBA divers licence from SSI, the world leaders in SCUBA diving. This is the first step and will allow you to dive up to 18 meter at the coast

Boat diving: Most of the SCUBA diving that we do in southern African coastal trips are from boats and this will prepare you better for this.

Underwater navigation This course will provide you with better orientation underwater.

Deep Diving This course is vital as it will allow you to dive up to 40 meters at sea level and various reefs and wrecks are deeper than the 18 meter allowed by your Open Water SCUBA divers license.

Wreck Diving What an experience it is to see your first wreck, this you will remember for the rest of your life.

Enrich Air Nitrox 32 and 40 After certification you’ll be able to dive for longer when diving on EAN compared to diving with air.

Night and limited visibility diving At night there are so mush other sea activities to see and the additional excitement is just unequalled. The limited visibility section of this course will prepare you should you want or need to dive in less than excellent conditions.

Search and recovery This is not a course but a great game, it should be called a treasure hunt. You will be given the opportunity to hunt for a treasure and then using lifting equipment taking to the surface and to shore.

Shark diving To experience the magnificence of these graceful creations in their natural habitat is simply priceless

Digital underwater photography Memories, memories and more memories. All so much more if you can share this with your friends and family

Stress and Rescue Focus first and foremost on yourself but also on helping others.

Science of diving Since of Diving explains a lot more on how and what.

Dive guide This is the first in the professional levels and will allow you to start leading dives for qualified divers

Dive master Once you are a qualified Dive master you’ll be able to lead dives.

Dive control Specialist Now you really cooking, you can lead dives and assist with training


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